ornamental grasses southeast tx

green fountain grasses

Green Fountain Grass

With full tufts of fuzzy toned flower spikes, one of the most common ornamental grasses. Requires full sun to part shade, and well drained soil. Remove spent grass to promote further blooms.

purple fountain grass

Purple Fountain Grass

Striking Purple Color in the grass and flowers make this a beautiful addition to a landscape. Purple Fountain Grass's care and growth is very similiar to Green Fountain Grass.


Dwarf Muhly Grass

Muhly grass requires low maintenance and can also survive well in poor soils. But planting it in a fertile soil will be an added advantage. The plant requires well drained soil and abundant exposure to sunlight. Plant the grass in a wide and slightly deep pit for its roots to branch out. Somewhat drought tolerant.

aztec grass

Aztec Grass

This variegated, clumping, slowly spreading ground cover grows in sun or moderate shade on well-drained, mulched sites. Aztec grass, which is cold hardy, grows up to 18 inches tall and can be propagated by division any time of year.


ornamental grasses


Lirope likes moist, loamy soil with lime and leaf mold. We like using them as ground cover for deciduous shrubs, conifers, or broad leafed evergreens and when possible plant them in elevated areas to admire their interesting flowers. Also available in Giant.


Mondo Grass

This low maintenance grass is an excellent choice along garden borders and in flower beds. Ornamental grass plants can also be used to fill in empty areas of a garden or backyard.

zebra grass

Zebra Grass

Long slender leaves extend to lengths of more than 36 in. and are dark green banded irregularly with buttery yellow. Fall brings an overall golden tone to the finely textured foliage and visual interest is maintained throughout the winter months. In the summer, Zebra Grass sends up stalks bearing pale pink, plume like flowers. Zebra Grass is versatile and easy to care for … tolerant of drought, heat and humidity and will adapt to a variety of soils.

pampus grass

Pampus Grass

Pampas grass is a large, elegant ornamental grass that can grow to over 10 feet in height and is commonly used in landscaping as a natural screening or alongside roadways throughout SE Texas. The plant can grow to be massive, so consideration should be given to placement. In winter, it can be cut back to as little as 2 feet and it will grow back. Grass is very sharp.

Yuccas and lillies are technically not ornamental grasses, but they have a similiar appearance and can be used in the same way. Some yuccas, lillies and other grass-like plants in our nursery:


Glossy, exceptionally dark, rich red-burgundy leaves are spectacular paired with bright-colored foliage and flowers. Branched stems with tiny white flowers appear above the foliage. Excellent in containers, mixed or mass plantings. Full Sun.

Color Guard Yucca

Color Guard Yucca is easy to grow and care for as it thrives in almost any soil, providing it is free draining. It prefers full sun, but will tolerate some shade. It provides color for most of the year.

Red Fire Yucca

The best place to plant yucca outside is in fast draining, sandy soil in full sun. Some yucca plant species will also thrive in part shade. Be careful not to over water or under water newly planted yuccas. An established plant will take drought quite well.

Variegated Yucca

The center sword-like leaves of this wonderful variegated yucca have strange stringy strands that curl off the sides. This plant has plenty of personality.



flax lilly

Flax Lilly

Flax lily is a striking plant with long, grasslike foliage that is often variegated in green and creamy white. In early summer, it sends up airy panicles of white, light blue, or violet star-shaped flowers followed by shiny dark blue berries. The plant is easy to grow and drought tolerant, and will grow in either sun or shade. It is beautiful in a large container, as well as beds.



Agapanthus, or Lily of the Nile, is a perennial flower that has gorgeous blue or white florets arranged in large globes that make this a wonderful addition to the garden. Full sun, and well-drained, rich soil are needed for agapanthus. It can be grown in large pots and planters.

society garlic

Society Garlic

The leaves look like chives and if you walk by a planting of this South African native bulb and brush the foliage, you'll catch a whiff of garlic. The beautiful clusters of lavender-pink flowers have a sweet fragrance, similar to hyacinth perfume. They open up on tall stems from early summer until late fall. Noted for its drought tolerance.





The succulent, grass-like foliage grows to about a foot tall, while the flower stalks typically reach two feet, dancing above the leaves for most of the year in SE Texas. Bulbine will grow best if it is planted in full sun and well-drained soil, though it can be grown in shade for part of the day. Once established, bulbine is very drought tolerant.Great in containers.