Indian Hawthorne

The shrub is an evergreen and will thrive in full sun. It can take some shade but leaf spots can develop if planted in total shade. The Hawthorn is considered a low maintenance shrub and is drought tolerant once established. Types/colors available: Eleanor and Tabor Pink.

encore azalia

Encore Azalea

The best-selling azalea brand, offers spring, summer, and fall blooms. This low-maintenance, evergreen shrub offers multi-season color, easy care, and is more sun-tolerant. Available in Autumn Embers, Autumn Empress, and Angel.



Formosa Azalea

3-inch blossoms are so profuse they can nearly cover the foliage. Use it as a hardy border, foundation or hedge. Available in Pink, Purple, Red and White. (Gerbing)


George Tabor Azalea

This is one of the best of the sun and heat-tolerant Southern India azaleas. Grows more rapidly than other types of azaleas, to 8' tall with an equal spread.

shrub azalia

Red Ruffle Azalea

A true dwarf azalia, ‘Red Ruffle’ grows 2 to 3 feet tall. Pink is also available.


Hardy Gardenia Azalea

Follow a regular watering schedule during the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system. Provide well drained soil, rich in organic matter. Feed with an acid fertilizer after bloom. Keep roots cool with a thick layer of mulch. Pruning time: summer after flowering.


Agapanthus, or Lily of the Nile, is a perennial flower that has gorgeous blue or white florets arranged in large globes that make this a wonderful addition to the garden. Full sun, and well-drained, rich soil are needed for agapanthus. It can be grown in large pots and planters.

"Little John" Bottle Brush

These plants are perennial (you need to plant them only once), hardy, low care, relatively drought resistant, and slow growing. The dwarf variety gets grows about 2 feet tall. They provide beautiful color with their red bottle-brush looking flowers that attract hummingbirds


bottle brush shrub

Bottle Brush

These plants are perennial (you need to plant them only once), hardy, low care, relatively drought resistant, and slow growing. They provide beautiful color with their red bottle-brush looking flowers that attract hummingbirds

shrub tropical

Bird Of Paradise

A native of South Africa and is closely related to the banana. The leathery leaves are held upright on stiff leafstalks and are about 6 inches wide and 18 inches long. Protect from freezing. Bird-of-paradise grows in most soils, but does best in fertile, organic soils with good drainage. Plants grown in partial shade will be taller and have somewhat larger flowers. In full sun, plants are smaller and flowers are on shorter stems.


shrub blood leaf banana

Blood Leaf Banana

A strikingly beautiful 6' to 10' red and green ornamental plant, grown for its foliage. Leaves appear to be stained with burgundy wine. Unmatched for containers and small areas. Does great indoors or outdoors. Makes dramatic statement when planted in masses. Great interior plant for high light areas.


banana shrub

Banana Shrub

Its flowers are incredibly fragrant, and the plant itself is easy to take care of. Gardeners can think of it as a miniature Southern magnolia whose flowers smell like bananas instead of lemons. Likes moist, acidic soil, and can be grown in sun or in shade.



Storybook Roses

These are tiny but mighty bloomers. Dozens of one inch blooms are a high visibility color splash not to be ignored because of their size. Prefer full sun but will grow in shade. Also can be grown in containers.

rose tree

Rose Trees

Rose trees are roses that are trained to grow in a tree shape.

knock out rose

Knock Out Roses

This hardy breed is resistant to disease and can bloom generously  especially when springtime comes. Knockout roses are also self-cleaning, so one never has to worry about dead buds. They can be planted in gardens or containers. Available in 24" and 36" rose trees, and as shrubs in single bloom in red pink and yellow, and double blooms in red and pink.

gardenia shrub

Gardenia and Dwarf Gardenia

Should be planted in a sunny location that is shaded somewhat during the hottest part of the day. It is a heavy feeder-fertilize your gardenia every two weeks with a regular water soluble fertilizer solution. Once every three to four months, fetilize your gardenia with an acid based fertilizer.



All hydrangeas will bloom and grow well in morning sun and afternoon shade.Plant in well-drained soil, do not over water. Do not plant too deeply-plant at same depth as the pot. Plant in early summer or fall. Also in stock, variegated, Penny Mac, and Oakleaf.



butterfly bush shrub

Butterfly Bush

The most important part of caring for butterfly bushes is watering them. They will need a fair amount of water during the hotter summer months. Most butterfly bushes will only flower on new growth, and should therefore be pruned to the ground once they have become dormant.

shrub bridal wreath

Bridal Wreath

Among the easiest flowering shrubs to grow,plant in spring or fall. Apply a layer of compost under the shrub each spring, spreading it out to the dripline.

yellow bells shrub

Yellow Bells

Yellow bells prefer well-drained soil in full sun. They need morning sun and afternoon shade. Water yellow bells regularly to keep them blooming all summer long. To keep flowers blooming, remove the seedpods as soon as they form.

plumbago shrub


Tender perennial with profuse blue flowers which thrives in the hot Texas summer. Disease- pest- and deer-resistant. Can grow into a large bush, and also can be trained to grow on a trellis.


Pink Indigo

Winter hardy shrub with elegant feathered leaves and flowers of pale pink. They are easily grown in any rich soil in a sunny to partially shaded spot.


Sasanqua Camellia

Begins to flower on voting day in early November through December. Also available in Snow on the Mountain color.Camellias are hardy and their evergreen foliage requires little pruning, making them a pleasantly low-maintenance choice for hedges, borders and color accents.

shrub camellia

Lousiana Red Camellia

Red camellia blossoms on glossy green leaves are a striking addition to any outdoor garden. Like poinsettias, they add a touch of Christmas to any scene--in fact, the Camellia sasanqua Yuletide is named for the effect. Camellias are hardy and their evergreen foliage requires little pruning, making them a pleasantly low-maintenance choice for hedges, borders and color accents.

SE Texas shrub

Lady Banks Rose

The Lady Banks Rose is one of the more drought-tolerant and disease-resistant rose species, making it a favorite among gardeners for many generations. It is a vigorous climber that requires pruning to keep it under control.


star jasmine shrub

Star Jasmine

This fast-growing vine, also called confederate jasmine, can reach heights of 40 feet if supported on a trellis, tree or other structure.Morning sun and dappled afternoon shade works best.

carolina jasmine

Carolina Jasmine

State flower of South Carolina, it is an evergreen vine that climbs trees, fences, and latticework and blooms in very early spring.



Wisteria is notable not only for its attractive, fragrant flowers, but also for its vigorous growth. The vine may grow 10 feet or more in one year, and can easily overwhelm nearby plants and structures. Grow in sunlight to partial shade in deep, moist soil.



Verbenas are long blooming annual or perennial flowers that possess the virtues of heat tolerance and an extremely long bloom season. Many perennial verbenas are relatively short lived, but their vigor and heavy flowering make up for this defect.



Lantana is extremely easy to grow in landscapes of Southeast Texas, and provide nice color in your garden.Lantanas are evergreen, but frost-tender. Bring your potted lantana plants indoors when the temperature drops in autumn, and you'll enjoy them for many more months.


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, a tropical tomato relative, has dark purple flowers that fade to lavender-purple on their second day and fade to white the third. More of the pansy-shaped flowers are produced daily, so the plant looks like it has multi-colored blooms. In addition to the flowers, it has dark green tropical foliage.

viburnum shrub


Viburnums are versatile, attractive plants that can be used as border shrubs or in a woodland garden. In the spring they have clusters of white to pink flowers. In the summer the showy red berries attract birds, red to purple leaves appear in the fall and in the winter.



Here in the South, evergreen shrub blooms are abundant. This beautiful flowering shrub is easy to care for, prefers sun or patial shade, and is not picky about the soil it is planted in.



Semi hardy evergreen shrub with pink to red flowers.  Blends well with more arid plantings. Available in full size and dwarf varieties. Colors available are Pink, Red, White, and Salmon.

rosa linda hawthorn

Rosalinda Hawthorn

Rosalinda is the most vigorous and robust hawthorne available. It produces an abundance of showy, fragrant, large pink flower clusters in spring. This large evergreen shrub is good for screening, however it can be used as a small tree. As a tree , It grows into a rounded umbrella form with no pruning necessary. Fast growing. An outstanding specimen in the landscape.


Wax Cleyera

An evergreen shrub, the cleyera has glossy green leaves. The new foliage growth is reddish-bronze. It grows to a height of 10 feet with a 6-foot width. During the spring months, the shrub produces tiny, white flowers followed by small berries. The berries turn a brilliant reddish shade, which adds wintertime interest to the hedge.


Wax Leaf Privet

Wax leaf privet is easy to transplant from a container into your garden. The plant is tolerant of sun and shade, as well as all types of soil, except soggy soil.


wax leaf ligustrum shrub

Wax Leaf Ligustrum

A vigorous grower with leathery leaves that darken as they age.




Aucuba is a great shrub for planting under pines or other tall trees. They are best when in mass, planted close together because they grow so slowly.


eleagnus shrub


The shrub’s unique olive green leaves with silver or brown scales, fall fragrance and edible fruit work together to make the beauty a year-round favorite. But part of this plant’s popularity also comes from its ability to grow quickly and adapt to adverse climate conditions.

shrub nandina


The Nandia is a hardy adaptable plant thriving in various locations earning it the nickname Heavenly Bamboo. Available in Domestic and Fire Power.


flax lilly

Flax Lilly

Flax lily is a striking plant with long, grasslike foliage that is often variegated in green and creamy white. In early summer, it sends up airy panicles of white, light blue, or violet star-shaped flowers followed by shiny dark blue berries. The plant is easy to grow and drought tolerant, and will grow in either sun or shade. It is beautiful in a large container, as well as beds.

shrub asian jasmine

Asiatic Jasmine

Asiatic jasmine is a great alternative to turf grasses as a ground cover, as it is much more tolerant to drought and shade. It even remains green after hard freezes that normally kill or discolor turf grass.


Italian cypress

Italian Cypress

Italian Cypress trees give height to your foundation plantings without taking up a lot of room. Growing 3 feet per year, they are easy to grow, tolerate poor soil and drought.


Leyland Cypress

The Leyland Cypress is a fast growing tree used for a hedge. In England, the Leyland cypress is used as an ornamental and as a wind break. In New Zealand and Australia, it is used for wood products. In the United States, it has become a valued landscape plant and one of the most sought after Christmas trees.

shrub boxwood

Japanese Boxwood

Japanese Boxwood is a fine-textured evergreen that tolerates shearing exceptionally well and is commonly used as a border or hedge. The plant reaches a height and spread of three to four feet. It is best grown where the root zone can be mulched and left undisturbed. This evergreen requires a well-drained soil and prefers shading in winter if grown on exposed sites. Tends to be deer resistant.

wintergreen shrub

Wintergreen Boxwood

Wintergreen Boxwood is a nice shrub with beautiful evergreen foliage. Wintergreen is symmetrical in shape with a dense crown. It is best used as a hedge or foundation plant, but this boxwood can also be grown as a container plant.

cone compacta holly

Compacta Holly (Coned)

Does not require frequent watering. Avoid over-watering to prevent root rot. Prune the shrub as needed in the late winter or early spring to shape it, control its size or encourage new growth.

dwarf yaupon


Yaupon Holly is a Texas native holly. This beautiful evergreen holly blooms flowers and fruits, although its flowers are far overshadowed by the red berries that makes Yaupon Holly so popular with birds, butterflies, and other garden visitors. Also available in Dwarf.

yaupon holly shrub

Dwarf Yaupon Holly

is an exceptionally versatile garden performer because it is not particular to the type of soil provided, and while it is tolerant of wet soils it is also more drought resistant than other hollies.

buford holly

Buford Holly

Burford holly is a dense evergreen shrub or tree that can grow up to 25 feet tall and wide. It is a round shrub that is surprisingly tolerant of urban pollution and poor soil conditions.Plant the Burford holly in an area with rich and well-drained soil and in full sun or part shade.

Color Guard Yucca

Color Guard Yucca is easy to grow and care for as it thrives in almost any soil, providing it is free draining. It prefers full sun, but will tolerate some shade. It provides color for most of the year.


cordyline grass


Glossy, exceptionally dark, rich red-burgundy leaves are spectacular paired with bright-colored foliage and flowers. Branched stems with tiny white flowers appear above the foliage. Excellent in containers, mixed or mass plantings. Full Sun.

red fire yucca

Red Fire Yucca

The best place to plant yucca outside is in fast draining, sandy soil in full sun. Some yucca plant species will also thrive in part shade. Be careful not to over water or under water newly planted yuccas. An established plant will take drought quite well.


variegated Yucca

Variegated Yucca

The center sword-like leaves of this wonderful variegated yucca have strange stringy strands that curl off the sides. This plant has plenty of personality.

day lilly

Yellow Day Lilly

Need at least six hours of direct sunlight per day, the daylilies will prefer full sun. Daylily plants also will adapt to almost any soil condition, provided that it is well draining.


Russian Red Day Lilly

Need at least six hours of direct sunlight per day, the daylilies will prefer full sun. Daylily plants also will adapt to almost any soil condition, provided that it is well draining.

Foxtail Fern

Upright, emerald plumes make foxtail fern a gorgeous accent plant for container groupings or staging among tropicals. This beautiful fern is easy to grow and, some say, more decorative than its close relative, the asparagus fern. They like dappled light, and plenty of moisture.

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Variegated Ginger

Ginger grows in partial shade and water deeply. The Ginger is tropical and therefore sensitive to frost. If planted outdoors and harmed by cold, trim back the damaged leaves and in the spring it will grow back. Shell Ginger is also available.

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Once growing water Hibiscus regularly. Once flowering has finished give the hibiscus plant a light pruning. If you require to grow more hibiscus plants in the garden then divide the plants in the spring or allow then to self seed.

fatsia shrub


This is truly a great plant for beginners as it is very hardy, and the leaves are quite striking and not deciduous, keeping some color in your garden in the winter. It will thrive in deep shade and is suited for seaside gardens.




Members of the lily family, they are hardy, easy- to-grow and to care for. These shade perennials thrive in low light, and best of all, they get better with age.

Mexican Heather

Mexican Heather

Plant Mexican heather in full sun to areas with light shade. This plant often thrives in the hot, humid weather than can be problematic for many other plants. You may want to plant Mexican heather in slightly shaded places in very warm climates to prevent the blooms and foliage from fading.




Pittosporums are well suited for hedges and screens due to their rapid growth rate, density and toughness. They also make very attractive small, multi-stemmed trees when lower branches are removed. Dwarf cultivars are attractive in foundation plantings, as high ground covers or mass plantings, and in containers. Available in Variegated and Dwarf varieties.



Foliage is a silvery-blue, thus the first half of its common name. The second half comes from its growth habit, as it forms a dense, low mat (rug) -- making it an ideal groundcover. Height 4"-6", spread 5'-6'. Foliage turns a purplish-bronze in winter. Blue Rug juniper plants thrive in full sun and prefer well-drained soil. Types available: Blue Rug and Bluepoint.



Loquat stays green in the winter and produce an apricot-like fruit. The fruit of the loquat fruit tree is a little bit like an apricot, and it is great to make jelly with. This is a tree that has been grown in SE Texas for many years.

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split leaf philodendron


Most Philodendrons are native to the jungles of tropical America, and as such, prefer the medium light intensity they would have on the jungle floor. Keep the soil evenly moist, but allow it to dry out between waterings. Also available in Xanadu and Dwarf varieties.


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English Ivy

English Ivy

English ivy is a self-clinging climber or trailing perennial with almost flat, palmately 5-lobed leaves.Thrives in fertile, rich, moist but well-drained soil, but tolerates a variety of conditions. Variegated cultivars prefer more light, and darker green varieties tolerate shade. Fig Ivy also available.



The succulent, grass-like foliage grows to about a foot tall, while the flower stalks typically reach two feet, dancing above the leaves for most of the year in SE Texas. Bulbine will grow best if it is planted in full sun and well-drained soil, though it can be grown in shade for part of the day. Once established, bulbine is very drought tolerant.Beautiful in containers.