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My plants at home look like they are dying. How do I know what is wrong with them?

The best way to find out what is going on with your plants is to bring a clipping or picture into the nursery and ask a staff member for assistance. Come in knowing how often you water it, if it is exposed to sunlight or shade, and when was the last time that you fertilized it. Our team will help find out what is going on with your plant and suggest some of the products we have here at the nursery to help bring it back to its full potential. 

How can I order a plant that I want? 

If you're looking for something not currently in stock at the nursery, don't fret! A lot of our stock options are seasonal and depend on the weather and time of year. A simple call to the nursery (409-386-0204) can inform you of what plants we are expecting on a weekly basis. Depending on the rarity of the plant you want, we have the potential to find and order your plant, then have it delivered to the nursery in less than two weeks. 

How many bags of material are in your bulk "cubic yard"? How much material will I need for my project? 

We sell our 3 way mix & hardwood mulch in bags and bulk. In most cases, it can be more cost efficient for you to purchase it by bulk. 

3 way mix bags = 1 cubic foot 

3 way mix bulk = 1 YARD = 27 bags 

Hardwood mulch bags = 2 cubic feet 

Hardwood mulch bulk = 13.5 bags

You can use this formula to calculate how much material you need for your project: 

Length(feet) X Width(feet) X Depth(inches) = TOTAL divided by 324 = total cubic yards needed. 

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